#Thinglink Thursday!

Do you remember “The Monkey’s Paw?” I love that incredibly creepy story with a powerful message: be careful what you wish for!

My students just finished reading this story – with mixed feelings.  They liked the mysterious mood of it, but HATE stories with unresolved endings! I explained that they must infer the ending, which makes it so deliciously suspenseful!

They did NOT agree.

In any case, I created a Thinglink image for my students to 1) help them focus on the important literary terms for this text, and 2) add some interactive fun!

By the way, did you know that the creators of The Simpsons did an adaptation of this story for their Treehouse of Horror II series? That was the inspiration for this particular Thinglink, since most of my students just LOVE The Simpsons!



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